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Oregon Whale, reach the promised land on the back of your whale

Ishmael, a humble farmer, decides to leave his native Easternseaboardia in search for better life. His final destination is Oregon and he plans on getting there by strapping his wagon on the back of a whale.

The brochure that Ishmael got from the travel agency, didn’t include a road map, so he firmly decided to take the long way around. It’s up to you to help Ishmael and his blue friend survive the road sea trip and settle down in Oregon.

Oregon Whale is an endless runner type of game, but instead of running, you swim across the sea and avoid various obstacles. The goal is simple, swim as far as you can without dying. You can do couple of more actions like thwacking birds out of the sky for points or eating the legendary pie that makes you invulnerable.

You can buy Oregon Whale for $0.99 from the Android Play Store. There are no IAPs or ads to interrupt your swimming sessions, but I am not entirely sure if it’s possible to actually reach Oregon or not.

Oregon Whale
Oregon Whale
Developer: WhileTrueFork
Price: $0.99

Game Features
* Tap above the water level to jump!
* Hold below the water level to dive to that depth!
* Twack birds out of the sky for points!
* Due to historical accuracy™, pie makes you invincible!
* Try not to hit obstacles!
* Don’t drown!

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