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GT Racing 2 released as full game

Gameloft released the full version of their latest racing simulation game, GT Racing 2 on Android Play Store. Get ready to burn some rubber, complete championships, face your friends online and collect stars to upgrade your racer and win even more races. For free-ish.


GT Racing 2 was released few months ago, but only featured Mercedes-benz cars. It was not clear where was Gameloft heading with this, until yesterday when they uploaded the full version of the game with no regional restrictions. You can now chose between 67 licensed cars from over 30 manufacturers (relax, your Benzie’s are still there) that you can race across 13 different tracks in various weather conditions and times of day. You will also get to experience the new physics model, bound to provide realistic driving experience and excellent handling.

Being a simulation game and all, GT Racing 2 offers tons of customizations, upgrades and performance tweaks that you can purchase in your garage. Gameloft mentions that there are “no repair times or repair costs” and “we won’t make you wait or pay to race in an event again” in their description. While this is true regarding the damage repairs, upgrades are still time based and can be rushed by spending couple of green bucks.

Stars, coins and green cash are the currencies you will have to collect while improving your career in both single and online (realtime) multiplayer. Every time you complete a race or an event, you get certain amount of cash while stars are bound to your podium finish and generally used to acquire most of the cars. Graphics are excellent and GT Racing 2 runs smoothly even on older mid-range devices, something that competing games fail to match. You can get the game for free and all you have to spend (for now) is about 1gb of your data plan.

GT Racing 2: real car game
GT Racing 2: real car game
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free

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