NTales: Child of Destiny

RuleMakr inc. today officially announced the global launch for their game NTales: Child of Destiny. Also known as the “Pocket RPG game”, NTales receives new content, couple of fixes and an ongoing event to celebrate “Year of the Earth Dog”


About the Game


Set in the fantasy Kingdom of Lancia, players can choose their hero and start the journey to save the world. NTales: Child of Destiny is a 2D RPG game with cute graphics and plenty of content to keep you busy for a while.



Aside from the main story, the game also has a bunch of side-quests that you can complete on your own or invite a friend or guild member to tag along. The three main classes, Warrior, Magician and Cleric can be developed further by completing the evolution quest chain. The game also incorporates a pet system that enables you to summon powerful pets to fight along your side.



There is an extensive tutorial to guide you into the game and couple of rewards (including a pet) are available instantly. From there you are on your own. Find a guild, meet friends complete quests or challenge other players in 1vs1 battles. Controls are pretty simple. On the left you have d-pad that moves your character around. On the right are all your spells, abilities and hotkeys. Although moving around is easy, the game also has the “infamous” auto-battle system where AI takes control of your character and proceeds to complete objectives.

NTales is free to download from the Play Store. There are IAP-s that can help you progress faster, but at the beginning you won’t be needing them. To give it a try follow the link below or check out the trailer.



NTales : Child of Destiny
NTales : Child of Destiny
Developer: Rulemakr Inc.
Price: Free+




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