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Farm Slam is a combination of city building and match-3 game, where grandpa Theodore and his granddaughter (I guess) are trying to build their utopian farm by matching fruits and vegetables. The game was in soft-launch for the past few months and is now officially available worldwide on the Play Store. If you feel like taking on another addiction, check it out.


About the Game


The storyline may be a clich√© (and to be honest I didn’t pay much attention), but that doesn’t really matter. The combination of the two genres, farm-building and match-3 (Candy Crush style), made this game more addicting then I originally expected. Graphics and animations are spot-on and blend with the gameplay perfectly. Your job is pretty simple. Complete the level goals, do it before you lose all your moves and collect the reward. If you run out of moves, you lose a life. Lives are self-regenerating, but can also be purchased with coins, the main in-game currency. Rewards can be used to upgrade your farm and expand its borders, decorate the fields or improve the objects already present.



Goals on each level are different and there are many obstacles in your way. Once you complete a certain level, you can come back to it later and complete it two more times for additional rewards. Planing your farm layout is not really necessary, but could be fun especially if you want it done in Feng Shui style. Place fountains, flower beds and other decorations to make it look better and keep that weird dog wondering around happy.

Farm Slam can be played in offline mode too, but you will miss certain ads related opportunities. Unfortunately the game doesn’t support Google Play Services, so cloud saves, achievements and leaderboards are not there. It does support Facebook login, but seriously why miss the opportunity to take full advantage on the Android platform? Nevertheless, the game is fun, addictive and doesn’t bother you too much with ads, iaps or other annoying pop-ups. To check it out click the link below, Farm Slam is free to download and try.




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