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Shortly after introducing the sequel of their most popular zombie-survival FPS game, Dead Trigger, Madfinder games started teasing the players with some pretty impressive screenshots posted on their facebook page, also revealing some of the upcoming changes, locations, weapons and enemies.

You know the story. After the monetary system collapse that took place in 2012, the money value went down the drain and became as good as a roll of toilet paper. The angry people finally had it. They made the decision to kill all the ignorant politicians, but the true rulers of the world were prepared for this and managed to escape. Suddenly billions of people died from a strange virus, while others turned into ..err.. zombies.  Only a bunch of people remain uninfected and healthy, trying to protect themselves from the mindless beasts while gathering ammo and supplies.

The first Dead Trigger game was released as paid app for iOS and Android devices, but the developers decided to switch over to the IAPs supported free to play model, due to “unbelievably high” piracy as they said. This made the game even more popular hitting the 20 million downloads milestone two months ago.

But enough about that, let’s see whats new in Dead Trigger 2 and admire the screenshots.

I have to admit it looks damn good, at least judging by the screenshots. Here is the list of all the new features announced so far:dt-toilet

– New Locations including Shanghai, London and African desserts.

– NPC companions who will accompany you in the game

– Static weapons emplacements at your disposal. Man the cannons!

– Updated graphics, realistic water reflections, dynamic shadows, dynamic lights, advanced ragdoll physics.

– New bosses and improved boss AI that promises to completely change the gameplay.

– A real time and never-ending story that will be affected by the behavior of every single player.

– One account that works on multiple platforms.

It will be interesting to see how well can Android handle Dead Trigger 2 as the current game is already pushing the limits of nearly all the mid-range devices. The one-account-to-rule-them-all feature will allow you to play the game on Android, iOS, Steam (PC & Mac) and Facebook, without resetting your progress or all the purchases you made in-game. The release date will be officially announced¬† during the “Tokyo Game Show 2013” starting September 19-th. Relax, we will let you know as soon as possible.

If you are still unfamiliar with the original Dead Trigger, you can try the game from the link below. Dead Trigger is free with optional IAPs, looks absolutely gorgeous and allows you to custom map your USB or Bluetooth gamepad so you can kill zombies… sorry “the infected ones”… with great precision.

Dead Trigger: Survival Shooter
Dead Trigger: Survival Shooter

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