[New Release] VludKin ClaNz

How about a nice puzzle-card game to start the week and help you get through Monday? How about VludKin ClaNz where you have to compete for control over the Vlud energy against your friend or the computer controlled AI, gather as much influence as you can and own the playfield.

VludKin ClaNz offers original, digital “Stack Building” experience with simple set of rules that are easy to learn, but provide sufficient strategic variations to make the game interesting. The game mechanics use the “open-hand” approach and you can see your opponents stats anytime. Influence and Power cards will make or break the game for you. The game ends when certain clan member gathers 10 or more influence points, or when the last card of the central deck is drawn. The player with the least amount of influence points gathered loses the game.

For now, you can play against one of your friends in the 2 player head-to-head mode, or against the AI. Various options regarding the game length will ensure 15 to 60 minutes of playtime, while play statistics and the deck building mode offer a way to customize the clan to your liking. The developer “Winterflood” promised to add new features in form of additional player slots (3rd and 4th), more AI opponents, 4 new ClaNz, achievements and new power cards.

If you wish to join the community and find out more about the game, you can visit the VludKin ClaNz thread on the Board Game Geeks forum. The game is available for purchase on the Play Store from the link below and thankfully, there are no special surprises in form of IAPs or ads lurking in the code.

UPDATE: Game permanently removed from Play Store.

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