[New Release] Zombie Gunship – by Howitzer be purged

“Limbic Software” is a developer well known to iOS users, but as of recently they decided to enter the Android world as well by publishing “Zombie Gunship” as their debut title. So what do we usually do when we have to face the zombie invasion? We grab our firearms and start killing zombies. Since zombies can’t run, fly, drive and they walk pretty slowly, the question is why should we fight them in close quarter battles when we can safely hit them from above. Makes sense.

In this game, you will have to kill endless waves of zombies, protect the ground survivors and defend ground objects by manning the gunner’s seat of a heavily armed AC-130. First person shooter fans of Call of Duty series will find the gray-scale infrared FLIR view very familiar as they light up the night sky. Three guns will help you slaughter the zombies faster, 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon and 105mm Howitzer cannon. The cash you earn by killing can be used to upgrade weapons radius, reload speed and damage.

Google Game Services are supported, allowing you to chase achievements, top leaderboards and earn ranks as you complete objectives.  Zombie Gunship acquired generally positive feedback from the iOS community over the past 2 years and is already getting good user reviews on the Play Store as well. The game costs .99 cents, but features optional IAPs in case you get easily bored by grinding all the coins necessary to upgrade your equipment or you decide to get the instant “IWIN” button.

UPDATE: Game removed from play store. Download Zombie Gunship APK here.


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