[New Release] The Secret Of Space Octopuses

Yet another Monday is upon us. As you drink your morning coffee and plot your work / school slacking schemes, take a look at this brand new platform / puzzle game “The Secret Of Space Octopuses” from “Midgar Studio” that should definitely help you defeat the bad Monday morale and make the time go faster.

The Secret Of Space Octopuses plot begins when the evil octopus aliens decide to invade a small village and abduct everyone alive. The story follows the young lad who ends up on a strange planet where he is being held captive. In order to escape his prison, Little Buddy builds a robot out of the junk laying around and names him “Bunch of trash” (B.O.T) . The robot holds unique abilities to transform junk and objects in useful items that will help our hero escape and uncover his abductor’s dirty secrets.

The game itself is a horizontal platformer, mixing puzzle, combat and exploration elements together. In order to master the 8 levels, you will have to make a full use of your robot’s abilities, gather all sorts of materials and produce boxes that will help you solve the puzzles. Each material produces a specific type of box that you can use depending on the situation you find yourself in. It’s not about killing the enemies all the time. The game has been designed in such way to provide multiple choices and problem solution, granting you the freedom of exploration and experimentation. For example, you can sneak up close to enemy octopuses and eavesdrop their conversations to get a full grasp of the scenario. Furthermore, the game features dynamic difficulty level that will adapt  itself to your skill and your play style.

The devs from “Midgar Studio” released “The Secret Of Space Octopuses” on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, WP8, Windows, Linux and Mac, shutting the mouths of all the critics (and other devs) claiming it’s too complicated or even impossible to release a title on multiple platforms (almost) simultaneously. The game comes with a reasonable price tag and features absolutely no IAPs or ads. Graphics are pretty and the engine should run smoothly on most of the mid-range device from 2011 onwards.
UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download The Secret of Space Octopuses APK here.

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