[New Release] Where’s my Water 2

Swampy, Allie and Cranky are back and they are filthier than ever! Once again it’s up to you to guide the water and help Swampy and his friends fulfill their ultimate goal, to take a bath.  Where’s my Water 2 comes from Disney Studios and brings in about 100 new levels on 3 different locations.

If you somehow completely missed the first game from 2011, this is your chance to catch-up and see what was all the buzz about. In short, you need to cut through dirt and make a path for the water to reach the tub, avoiding obstacles and collecting stuff along the way.

The first game was a premium title that sold quite well over the years, this sequel however is not. Disney decided to join the dark side by introducing IAPs and giving the game away for “free”. Just to make it clear, you can play the game or even complete it without spending real cash, but to fully experience the gameplay as the developers intended to, you will have to open up your wallet and spend couple of bucks on various special power-ups and level hints.

And that’s not all! You can clearly see that talented Disney employers from various divisions were working on this title. Graphics are nice, sounds are great, the game has very intuitive gameplay and the artwork is just breath-taking.  However, when the game came to the sales & marketing department, they probably said something like: “Wow this looks nice, we can’t just give it away for $2.99. Let’s jump on the IAP bandwagon and see how it goes.” But clearly that wasn’t enough, so they decided to implement the time-restrictive gameplay model as well.


Every couple of levels, when the energy bar goes all the way down, you will either have to wait for it to refill, or buy the $16.99 upgrade that will remove the mechanic entirely. If you don’t mind spending that much cash, or pausing your gameplay on publishers will is not a big deal to you, click the link below and install “Where’s my Water 2” from the Play Store.

UPDATE: Link updated. Download Where’s my Water 2.

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