[New Release] Labyrinth Pro

Before reading the following entry, please note that AG cannot be held responsible if you break your device in anger. Now meet Labyrinth Pro, modern digital incarnation of the ancient labyrinth game that requires nerves of steel.

Unlike the original game from 1946 that relied on gravity and physics, Labyrinth Pro uses the built-in accelerometer found in most Android devices. The goal is simple. Guide the marble by tilting and panning your device, avoid the holes and other obstacles and reach the end of the maze to complete the level.

Make no mistake, Labyrinth Pro is hard and great deal of concentration is needed to beat some of the 56 levels available. The game makes excellent use of the vibration feature as well, providing tactical feedback whenever the ball hits something or bounces off.

Labyrinth Pro is free to download and play with couple of ads showing up when you drain the ball, but nothing game-breaking. Levels unlock progressively as you beat them, but if you like you can also upgrade the game to “Premium” to remove the ads and unlock all the levels instantly ($0.99). Find a peaceful spot, put on your headphones, disconnect the doorbell, turn off the phone (no, your other phone) and download Labyrinth Pro from the link below.


Labyrinth Pro
Labyrinth Pro
Developer: Arthur Darbinyan
Price: Free

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