MappleStory Blitz Receives Combative New Combat Content

MappleStory Blitz received an update, introducing couple of new features including brand new player vs. player (PvP) mode, a Grand Battle celebration and other ongoing events. NEXON Co. also said that the events will last until April 25 on both Android and iPhone.


MappleStory Blitz


MapleStory Blitz allows players to battle in real-time across three action-packed lanes with “cardified” Maple World monsters and skills. The all-new Grand Battle mode will enhance the intensity of PvP combat with couple of new rules and features.


  • “Spear Meets Shield” – Game mode where players are given a special Grand Battle deck to engage powerful opponents;
  • New Attacks – Ephenia now damages the enemy Tower whenever she is summoned, but “Water Shield” prevents damage. Players must master both to win;
  • Additional Planned Combat Modes – Other Grand Battle modes with challenging new rules are planned for future release following “Spear Meets Shield.”




And that’s not all, players can also participate in MapleStory Blitz Grand Battle Celebration Event where they can earn rewards in form of a loot boxes. The Grand Battle Box can be received for winning five times in Grand Battle and the Grand Battle Portrait after winning 20 times.



If you like trading card games, give MappleStory Blitz a spin. There are community websites and forums that can help you get started and introduce you to the game. This is a 1vs1 real-time CCG where players battle across 3-lane battlefield by summoning creatures from their decks. You can download the game for free by tapping the link below.


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MapleStory Blitz
MapleStory Blitz
Developer: NEXON Company
Price: To be announced
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