Little Big Workshop launching June 13th on mobile

After enjoying moderate success for the past three and-a-half years on PC and consoles, the developers of Little Big Workshop decided to bring the game over on Android and iOS. Although the date is specified for June 13th, Mirage Games and HandyGames will happily accept your money if you decide to pre-order it. Well, at least on iOS, you can only pre-register on Android.

About the game

In Little Big Workshop you start off with a small workshop that can be gradually expanded into a massive factory that produces hundreds of advanced products every day. You can personalize your factory floor, recruit and train workers, purchase and upgrade machines, and devise efficient production lines to satisfy the needs of your clients.

Little Big Workshop provides an unrestricted sandbox experience, enabling you to experiment with various materials and production techniques to create your ideal products. You can provide your products to clients and an ever-changing market while striving to maximize profits and grow your business. The game features charming graphics, a soothing soundtrack, and user-friendly controls, making it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

Game Features

✔ Varying industries and a wide range of products
✔ Focus on practical problems, not on values, economics, or logistics
✔ Organize all steps of the production on a blueprint
✔ Factories grow as you unlock more desk space
✔ Fully simulated Day/Night-cycle
✔ Take care of your workers! Work them too hard and they drop like flies
✔ Cute model-town art-style


Little Big Workshop originally launched in 2019 for PC and console. Currently it sells with 70% discount on Steam it’s over, which makes the game cost around $5.99 (for a limited time). The mobile version will be priced somewhere in-between at USD 9.99 / € 9,99 / £ 8.49 on both Android and iOS. You can pre-order the games on iTunes, but you can only pre-register on Google Play and be notified when it’s out.

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