KINGDOM HEARTS UNION χ Collab with Incredibles 2

Square Enix is doing yet another collaboration. This time in their action-packed mobile RPG, KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]. The event begins today, will last through August 19, 2018 and you can expect to see Disney/Pixar’s famous character from the recent blockbuster film Incredibles 2 appearing all around, accompanied by various rewards.


KINGDOM HEARTS UNION χ and Incredibles 2


During the event, players can participate in a variety of in-game events.


  • Banner Medals – The Parr family from Incredibles 2, including Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, and Dash, are now available as powerful new Medals.
  • High Score Challenge – Keyblade wielders can climb up the rankings in this special event to receive “Bob & Jack-Jack” Medals.
  • VIP Rewards – “Incredibles 2” Medals can be obtained by purchasing the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza bundle. More information about the collaboration is available on the @kh_ux_na Twitter page.


Additionally, now through August 9, 2018, players can band together to challenge the limited time KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days event. By completing event goals, all players can earn up to 3,000 Jewels, a valuable in-game currency.



The game score on Google Play was slightly lower recently with many of the users complaining that since implementing the PvP content, Square Enix essentially broke the game for the “free to play” folks. There were complaints about lack of new content, but since the game was update couple of times recently – maybe it’s fixed? Only one way to find out, follow the link to the Play Store.

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