Luca: The Dreamer

Luca: The Dreamer is the first game of Creasaur Entertainment Co. Although it was released on the day when World Cup 2018 started, it didn’t receive the attention it clearly deserves. The World Cup ended, but the adventure of Luca, the ambitious ball continues. The game was also just updated with improved visuals and character controls.


Luca: The Dreamer – A Charismatic Puzzle Platformer


The story revolves around Luca, an old worn out ball who knows very little about the world. One day while enjoying a game with the kids of suburban Rio de Janeiro, a small event changed his life forever. During the match, one of the kids aiming at the goal shot Luca, but he missed. Luca flew over the top bar and landed in a small flat, breaking the window in the process.



In that flat was a TV showing a match from the World Cup. Luca saw the shiny ball in that match and made a decision. No matter what, he will embark on a journey to reach the most famous footballers in the world in the most important football event of the year. He jumped out of the window and that’s how the adventures of Luca began. Now he has to overcome all obstacles in his path and solve puzzles to reach his goals and travel from country to country. He believes that nothing can stop him from achieving his dream.


Luca: The Dreamer makes a perfect combination of puzzle and platform genres. The visuals are cute and the controls should be much smoother after today’s update. The developers are promising unique gameplay mechanics across the towns and places you visit, as well as special moves and plenty of power-ups. The goal of each zone is to survive and collect enough coins to travel to your next destination (while jumping around and solving puzzles).


The game is available on Android and iOS and has a small price tag on the Play Store. To download the game follow the link below.

Here you can learn more about Luca: The Dreamer and get some first insights in the gameplay:

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Luca: The Dreamer
Luca: The Dreamer
Developer: Creasaur
Price: $0.99
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