Incoming! Republished, Aims To Save The Rainforest

Can goblins save the Amazon rain forest? Not really, but they can help. The developer and publisher Xyrality are re-releasing their famous tower defense game Incoming!, with a twist. They will donate 50% of all revenues from “Incoming! Goblins Attack” to protect the rainforest. Yet, the game remains free and still has massive content.


Incoming! Goblins Attack


Incoming! Goblins Attack is a free TD game with colorful (dare I say Warcraft 3 style) 3D graphics. Your job is to defend yourself against hordes of goblins across 160 levels. The towers are diverse and can be upgraded and improved during the battle and of course you can cast spells as well. With the huge amount of levels, upgrades and monsters, Incoming! Goblins Attack provides strategic depth and lots of variety for a long-term gaming fun!



The game monetization relies solely on ads and the developers are promising that half of the revenue will be donated to the Amazon rainforest. Well, probably environmental organizations in that field, money would be pretty useless to a forest. The whole game content is completely free and available to all players without any restrictions.


“Since so many fans kept asking about ‘Incoming!’, we just had to republish it. The team had the idea of doing some good on this occasion and donating revenue for the rainforest. We were all directly excited about this initiative and are happy about any shares: The more players there are, the more area of the rainforest can be saved!”, says Sven Ossenbrüggen, CEO at Xyrality.


Now, here is the trailer. To download the game just check out the link below. It looks nice, has no price tag and you will be helping while having fun. What’s there not to like.



Source: Press Release

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Goblins Attack: Tower Defense
Goblins Attack: Tower Defense
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