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HtC Treasure Hunger – Roguelike

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Rogue Like -Die & Retry. You play Hector the Cat a Treasure Hunter. Explore Silver Island ‘s Dungeons to gather as many Treasure you Can and become the Best Treasure Hunter.


– Each run Last 10 days
– For each run Maps and Dungeon are randomly generated
– Dungeon are rated from 1 stars to 3 stars related to their difficulty
– Switch Between Guns and Sword to adapt fighting situation
– 3 main competences ( Dash/Aoe/gravity Push)
– Improve your competence or buy new one when Lvl UP;
– Construct the adapt Build ( Sword/Gun/Magic) to evolve;
– Buy specific armor and consumable to improve your chance to defeat Boss and succeed the most difficult dungeon
– You get a rank in accordance with you skill at the end of each run.

Could you be the best Hunter and get the rank S?

HtC Treasure Hunter- Roguelike
HtC Treasure Hunter- Roguelike
Developer: OrionG974
Price: Free

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