Hexologic is coming to PC, iOS, Android and Switch

We all know what Sudoku is, but isn’t the board usually filled with squares? Not if you ask MythicOwl Studios. They took a basic concept and created something special, a game named Hexologic that is really a sudoku with hexagons arranged in clever and innovative way. The game will be available on Android, iOS, Steam and Nintendo Switch, very… very soon.




Although the game is built around the general idea of Sudoku, there is a twist. Instead of squares, players will deal with hexagonal grids. The developers rearranged the basic concept of Sudoku, played around a bit and came up with a game with well known rules, but completely different approach.

Hexologic is an easy to learn addictive puzzle game. Combining the dots and hexagons will be a rewarding experience for both puzzle game veterans and newcomers alike. The game mechanics are simple and the visual representation is on par with other high quality titles from the genre, offering beautiful graphic designs. That combined with the relaxing music playing in the background will guarantee many hours of fun for the puzzle lovers out there.



Hexologic will come to PC, iOS and Android on May 29th, with the Nintendo Switch release to follow later this year.


Hexologic features:


  • Relaxation, putting your mind at ease in the immersive atmosphere
  • 4 completely different game worlds, each with unique gameplay mechanics
  • 60 levels designed down to the smallest details
  • Well-balanced puzzles
  • An atmospheric soundtrack accentuating the game’s ambience



Hexologic (Steam):

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