Halos Fun, tasty mandarins

One of the most effective ways to promote your products is to give out freebies. Paramount Citrus did exactly that, but instead of material goods, they decided to team up with Pik Pok and develop Halos Fun, a brand new puzzle game to promote their “Wonderful Halos” mandarin brand on both Android and iOS.


In a world where our tasty friends can graduate and halos are considered to be the crown of their achievement, evil racoons are plotting a plan to ruin this important event. They plan to steal every single halo they can find. Fortunately for our mandarins, something goes wrong and all halos end up scattered across the country. Your job is to retrieve them all by slingshotting juicy fruits into the air.

Halos Fun can be described as combination of “Angry Birds” and “Peggle”. You have your slingshot, you aim and shoot your orange mandarin in an attempt to collect as much halos as possible. Objects in different forms are floating between the halos, acting as bumpers that bounce of your mandarine once you hit them. Planing ahead and carefully adjusting your angle and launch speed will help you collect all the halos on the given level, without wasting too many lives. As a bonus, you get to use the “jump” feature on later levels that works miracles when chasing that one last halo sitting above the obstacles.

Two worlds containing about 40 levels each are waiting for you to 3-star them and get all the points you can. Additional levels can be unlocked by collecting “mandarin stickers” (yup, just like the real ones) that are usually well hidden on hard-to-reach places. While all of them can be collected, some will require innovative use of your jump ability combined with couple of “lucky” bounce-offs and many orange faces floating in the water below.

Halos Fun is a kid friendly game, meaning there are no cleverly disguised “helpers” in form of IAPs. I am not entirely sure if ads are also missing (or something is broken), but I didn’t see any during my entire play-through of the first world. If you enjoy playing casual puzzle games, give Halos Fun a chance. The next time I go out for mandarin shopping, I’ll also grab a pack of “Wonderful Halos” and report back if they taste as good as they look in this game.

Game Features:
* 100+ beautiful levels inspired by California’s nature to explore!
* Bounce off fun pins and bumpers while you collect your halos
* Use special powers and solve puzzles to earn higher ratings
* Collect stickers hidden in levels to unlock surprises!
* More updates will keep the fun flowing throughout the holiday season
* Kid friendly with no in-app purchases
* Fun for kids of all ages from 6 and up


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