Guardian Cross the TCG released for Android

Guardian Cross is the latest RPG and Trading Card game mix coming from Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series. The game will put you in a role of a hunter whose job is to acquire as many guardians as possible, upgrade them and become the ultimate champion. Guardian Cross already enjoys more than 1 million downloads on the iTunes, and now its available on the Google Play store free of charge.

The mythical Guardians

As you progress through the quest systems, the story of how the creatures awakened from their hibernation unravels. The game concentrates on gathering the so called “Guardians” through series of hunting trips, in order to build your deck and maximize its efficiency. Each guardian can be tweaked and upgraded by using the items you find while doing the missions or battles against other players.  The battle system itself is fully automated and no action is required by the player when fighting against the AI or other players in the Colosseum.

Hunting can be done for free once per day and what you find is what you keep. You can trade with other players or sell the excess Guardians (cards) on the market for cash. You can collect over 120 Guardians, each of them offering different abilities and variable rarity. Building a well balanced deck is the key for winning battles and tournaments.  Guardian Cross also supports importing saved game files from previous plays and different devices, including different platforms.

Guardian Cross is free to download and relies heavily on IAPs and ads about other games from Square Enix, in combination with time restricted gameplay and the infamous referral system. Nevertheless, the developer claims it can be played completely for free through the very end, while premium content and other goodies are entirely optional.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Guardian Cross APK here.

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