Gardius Empire enters CBT

Gardius Empire, formerly known as A.C.E (Alliance of Champions and Empires),  enters closed beta testing today. This simulation-based RPG is a product of collaborative effort between mobile games publisher GAMEVIL and developer Dragonfly.


Gardius Empire things to know


During the closed beta testing, Android users can participate in various events and receive exclusive rewards. These rewards however, are not going to be transferred or synced to user accounts once Gardius Empire goes live. In-app purchases are disabled for now.



Gardius Empire is a collection based RPG with a broad assortment of mythological characters. Players can level up their heroes and loot enemy bases for honor and resources. The developers are promising “breathtaking” graphics, a thrilling storyline and a fresh take on the RPG genre.

As a side-note, the game will ask you to download around 700 megabytes of data, after you download the app from the Play Store. To participate in Gardius Empire closed beta test, follow this link, it should be available worldwide. The game is in English and If you have any questions, you can visit the official forum.


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