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Galaxy Survival: Space TD Gameplay Video

A global catastrophe has destroyed the cornerstone of human civilization, and the Earth has lost its gravity. As the captain of the last surface spaceship, you failed to leave in time to rescue the innocent poor! The spaceship is now in ruins, and in order to escape from Earth, it must be fully repaired. The mutant species launch fierce attacks, and a slight carelessness will make the spaceship fall.

While the invasion of monsters has not yet arrived, go to the surface to mine underground resources and use them to repair the spaceship!
Control the spaceship, shoot down every ferocious mutant species, and escape from Earth!

Galaxy Survival: Space TD Gameplay Video

Game Features:

  • 1000+ mutant species on the same screen, eliminate them!
  • Single-handed operation, use the gap between each wave of attacks to dig underground and search for precious resources!
  • Use resources carefully for powerful upgrades and wish you successfully repair the spaceship!
  • Roguelike spaceship skill experience, unlimited combinations, strategy choices are up to you!
  • Overwhelming skill combos release, face challenges, fight more and more bravely, and be invincible!


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