Fortuna Magus, a Story of Grief released today

New fantasy RPG game was released today and it comes from “Kemco”, a Japanese video game developer and publisher that has been releasing games since 1985. Fortuna Magus, a Story of Grief is their latest game to hit the Play Store featuring an entangling storyline and gameplay optimized for mobile devices.

Amane and Tia are siblings determined to find their missing father, Kalius. One day they encounter a Magus who bears the same mysterious mark their father had on his arm. As they live in a world where arcane powers are strictly prohibited, they find themselves on the wrong side of the law as they decide to offer him a room for the night. This is where the story begins, what happened to Kalius, why are mages being prosecuted? It’s up to you to find out.

Aside from leveling up and gaining experience from battles and quests, your characters can also undergo the “Revelation” process where they unlock new skills, special and tandem attacks. Revelations occur only when certain conditions are met like using the right skill at the right moment (level) during the battle. Tandem attacks allow you to unleash devastating force upon your enemies by utilizing all the characters on the battlefield. Magestones and magestone shards allow you to level-up your elemental skills, but also increase your character’s chance of experiencing Revelations, so make sure you check on every monster drop and every chest you come across.

“Fortuna Magus Points” is the in-game currency used to purchase rare items and special equipment. You will receive a small amount of FMP’s now and then, but most of them come in form of an in-game-purchase. KEMCO decided to celebrate the release of Fortuna Magus by offering the game for $3.99, which is half of what you would normally pay once the promotion is over. While it does feature additional IAPs, developers claim they are purely optional and won’t be required to complete the game at all.

RPG Fortuna Magus - KEMCO
RPG Fortuna Magus - KEMCO
Developer: KEMCO
Price: $7.99

One thought on “Fortuna Magus, a Story of Grief released today

  • Fortuna Magus was not developed inhouse by Kemco but by WorldWideSoftware. Kemco is merely the publisher and the maker of some finishing touches to its mobile RPGS. (Major mobile gaming websites still do not notify of this fact.) (Even the English and Japanese versions of Wikipedia do not state that Kemco is a publisher of mobile RPGs nowadays.)


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