Dragon Swoopers, casual game for casual Monday

Dragon Swoopers by “Gushiku Studios” is a game of dragons, cute little dragons, trying to unlock magic portals by flying around and bringing eggs back to their nest.  Oh, and you also get to incinerate or capture cows and sheep for extra points.

Getting the eggs safely back to your nest is your number one priority. Each level has a specific goal that shows how many eggs should be returned to open the magic portal leading further. While it does sound simple, there are couple of things you should pay attention to. For instance, your cute little dragon wings seem to be disproportionate to the rest of your body, resulting in limited flight capabilities that require “stamina recharge”. In other words, baby dragon gets tired now and then, stand still to rest.

Random terrain obstacles and enemy dragons will make you lose your precious cargo on collision and since eggs can crack, you should avoid hitting pretty much anything. You can collect coins and abduct livestock for extra points needed to 3-star the levels. Three dragon types (that you can purchase immediately) are available and each of them can be custom-painted and upgraded by spending gems. Gems are the in-game currency, allowing you to purchase various upgrades and power-ups ranging from better wings, stronger dragon breath or even extra time. You can collect gems while playing by bringing them back to your nest, or you can buy them in form of an IAP.

Dragon Swoopers has been clearly inspired by “Joust”, a 30 years old arcade game sharing similar mechanics and gameplay. Google Play Services are fully supported, providing 15 achievements, global leaderboard access and cloud save. The game does have ads, but removing them will only cost you $0.99. About 15mb of space is all that you need to install Dragon Swoopers and start making your way through 40 levels full of eggs waiting to be rescued.

* Tilt controls
* 15 achievements
* Worldwide leaderboards
* 3 customizable dragon types
* 10 different upgrades
* 40 levels across a variety of different environments

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