Flash Party open for pre-registration

Super Smash Bros. inspired brawlers are gaining in popularity. After Warner Brothers failed to provide a proper port for mobile devices, other developers are jumping the bandwagon, and taking their shot at this untapped genre on Android. XD Inc. is hoping that their upcoming game Flash Party is just the right one for you, and offers plenty of rewards if you opt in and pre-register your account on Google Play.

About Flash Party

Flash Party will officially launch on Steam and Google Play on January 10-th 2023. Yes, it will support cross-play and account cross-progression, so you can play on PC at home, and pick-up where you left on your Android phone or tablet. Developers are promising wide range of arenas and 21 heroes (including Cookie & Can from this update), that can be upgraded and trained.

Pre-Registration awards

From January 10th next year, Flash Party will officially launch on Steam and Google Play. Flash Party has also set targets of 10,000 Steam wishlists, and 100,000 pre-registrations for Google Play. If both these targets are reached players will receive 200 coins, 2 Lumi Chest, and 2 Exclusive Emotes at launch as a thank you. 


D.B. – “Flash Party open for pre-registration”

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