Click Diety for Android

Click Diety is a brand new tapping/idle game from DH-Games. Explore the mysterious hidden world, explore the unknown continent, challenge the terrible dragon boss! Collect all sorts of mythical heroes, upgrade your heroes to the extreme, open up a whole new world! Join forces with your friends and challenge the ultimate enemy in the world, gain incredible rewards and become the strongest!

Main Features

  • Featured talent tree, switch between three types of talents at will, unlock powerful skills, God of War or God of Law is up to you!
  • Super magical clicker game, 50+ heroes fight on the same screen, making people addicted!
  • Become a lord, plan your territory, and upgrade your lord level!
  • Collect the weapons of the gods and resist powerful monsters together!
  • Ultra-casual game experience, just hang up to improve!


D.B. – “Click Diety for Android”

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