Entropy 2099, soft launch gameplay

Entropy 2099 is a new strategy/management game by Puzala, currently released only in Canada (but there is a way around that). Your goal is to build, purify and expand your forces, join guilds and get rid of the Grod, monsters that inhabited the Earth long after humanity ruined it. It’s your job is to save the planet yeeee…. by using Tanks, Mechs and other tools of destruction.

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Story of Entropy 2099

Grod, an ancient terrifying species awaken by global warming, sweeps across the globe in just a few years. The once beautiful earth is now a completely different place: highly corrosive dead soil, bloodthirsty Grod, mysterious Penitents Legion, dangers lurk everywhere! In order to reclaim home, the “Returner Campaign” initiated by the high-tech company “World Tree” Corporation was launched in 2095. Equipped with newly developed land purification devices, the “Returners” started to go into Dead Soil areas that are full of Grods, and you are one of them.


The gameplay is a mixture of real time strategy and base/city management. You have your facilities working around the clock to provide you with materials needed for upgrades and soldier training, your base of operation and other buildings adding more content to the story. As soon as you launch the game it will guide you with a narrated voiceover, and you will get to know the main characters, robots and all the buildings around the base.

Hero characters are the leaders of the formation, they can be upgraded and improved, but the regular soldiers are just numbers. Special units are also available, but you will have to find them in boxes that can be opened on a timer.

Around 30 minutes in, the game zooms out and shows your bubble base, just like in Lords Mobile. Which is unfortunate for me as I had a long lasting (disappointing) relationship with that game. I am not saying it’s the same principle, but the layout of the planet and bases around you stroke a nerve in my brain. Timers seem to be more generous and unlocking things isn’t that hard. However, I played for about 2 hours and can’t speak about end-game battles or resource production.

I just hope it doesn’t end up controlling your life the same way Lords Mobile tries to. Yes, I know hooks are important for player retention, but I am not scheduling my sleep to take care about a virtual base around the clock.

Entropy 2099 Gameplay


Entropy 2099 is available in Canada only, but you can use the link below to sideload the APK and you should be fine. As far as I can tell, the game is not available on Apple store, but that will probably change soon. To install the APK file you will need Split APKs Installer (SAI) on your phone.

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