Automatoys for Android and iOS

Automatoys is very casual, but addictive game involving mechanical obstacle courses and tiny balls. Dispense ball. Tap, turn, tilt and spin the contraptions to help each ball hop and roll its way to victory. Each Automatoy is a unique, mechanical obstacle course. Just like the games from the 1980’s, only digital and won’t take up storage space when you are done with it.

Automatoys Gameplay

Older gamers will surely remember gems like Screwball Scramble and Tomy Kongman from the late 80’s. Automatoys shares the same concept, except you can play it on your phone.

The game is designed in a way that you won’t need anything except perfectly timed taps on the screen. The ball has a fixed starting position, and the goal is located somewhere else on the machine. Between these two points are the obstacles, cranes, puzzles and bumpers that you will navigate by using one finger only.

The final score depends on your speed, but some obstacles can push you back if you miss the window.

I was thinking about recording a gameplay video, but that will probably ruin your experience. The developers provided press kit materials which I will gladly share here.

The free version of the game has 3 toys included, and you can unlock the rest by spending an insignificant amount of money. Once you unlock them, they are yours forever. There are no timers, energy bars or other limits, you can just play as much as you want.


You can download Automatoys on Android and iOS. iOS version is much older compared to the Android one released on Sep. 7, 2022. If you are having trouble accessing the Play Store, just use the APK link for the demo version to get it.

Martin J. – “Automatoys for Android and iOS”

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