Eldrum: Red Tide

Eldrum: Red Tide (formerly known as Untold RPG) is a brand new RPG/Text adventure game from the Swedish developer Act None. It’s dark, it’s fantasy, it’s RPG and it’s available for Android and iOS.

The story of Eldrum: Red Tide

Can there be a proper RPG without a story? Of course not. And this game has one. It involves a soldier who is searching for his family in a world desolated by war. His brother is also missing and he bravely embarks on a quest to find him. All answers to the questions that torment his mind will be revealed when the journey ends.

More about the gameplay

Player’s choices and interactions have far reaching consequences in both short and long term. Loyalties will be brought to a head and blood will be spilled. – claims the developer. The gameplay itself is a mixture of old school text adventures (and I mean really old school) and modern artsy UI with branching narrative. Character development, turn-based combat and yes, multiple endings are also part of the game. There are also accessibility aids for visually impaired players on both phones and tablets.

Notable Features:

  • Nostalgic table-top RPG style.
  • Many secrets to discover.
  • Equip and build your character.
  • Multiple endings that vary depending on your choices throughout the story.
  • Replayability with different play styles, opening up different locations, NPCs, and gear.
  • Text based choices adventure RPG.
  • Supports both phones and tablets.
  • Accessible to blind and low-vision players.

To find out more about Eldrum: Red Tide, you can follow the developer on Facebook. To download the game tap the link below or tap here for the iOS version. The first chapter is free, act 2 and 3 can be purchased from inside the game.

Ivica K. – “Eldrum: Red Tide”

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