KartRider Rush+ Season 19 Block World update

Nexon is rolling out Season 19 update for their racing game, KartRider Rush. The update is live on Android and iOS, featuring new content, new world, characters and special events with rewards, commemorating the three-year anniversary. Check out the trailer for a glimpse into the gameplay.

What’s new?

The Season 19 update of KartRider Rush+ urges players to hit the accelerator and enter the lively Block World. With fresh content inspired by this blocky universe, such as the swift “Zenith Interlock” legendary kart and the newest legendary character, “Bazzi of Liberty,” drivers can enjoy a thrilling ride. Furthermore, in honor of KartRider Rush+’s third anniversary, gamers can participate in various events to earn magnificent rewards.

Kartrider Rush+ Season 19 Trailer


  • Colorful Block World-Themed Content – An abundance of Block World karts, racers and tracks are entering the race. With legendary kart, “Zenith Interlock,” new character “Bazzi of Liberty,” adrenaline-pumping tracks “Furnance Frenzy (Block)” and “Ribbit Resort (Storybook)” and more, racers are sure to be busy this season.
  • Radiant Highlight Kart – The Season 19 highlight kart emulates bright light and comes in two skins to choose from – “Flare Ranger” and “Crystal Ranger.” Racers can check out both options via the “Ranger Center.”
  • New “Rally” Mode – In “Rally” mode, players will race as fast as possible on designated parts of the track in a limited amount of time. Racers who reach highest stage can obtain exciting items such as “Universal Coupon,” “Batteries,” and “Red Rose Gothic Star Jewel.”
  • Three-Year Anniversary Celebration Events – In honor of KartRider Rush+’s three-year anniversary, Nexon is putting on a variety of events to celebrate. Players will also receive a “Three-year special coupon” that contains “Golden Gallant Knight,” “Flying Engine,” and “Sweet Tooth Naiad,” an exclusive character designed specifically for the anniversary. Players can acquire the coupon on Friday, May 12, and it will remain valid until Friday, May 26. Additionally, racers who complete quests in ranked races can collect a “Three-Year Coin” to exchange for “Zenith Interlock,” “Heart Emoji Headgear” and more.


You can download KartRider Rush+ on Android and iOS. The game is free with optional in-app purchases.

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