Madtale, a new idle RPG coming July 12th

Archosaur Games announces that pre-registrations for their upcoming dark fairy tale idle RPG Madtale, are now open. Well, at least on Android as iOS users still don’t have any options to pre-register on the store. Nevertheless, the game will launch on both platforms on July 12th. For now you can check out the teaser trailer.

About Madtale

Madtale is idle rogue-like game that puts a twist on traditional fairy tales. It allows players to create their own team of iconic protagonists such as Snow White or Cinderella, each with their distinct set of personalized skills. By unlocking weapons and outfits for each character, players can improve their skills and special abilities.

The game also features “One-Tap battles”, PvP 1vs1 encounters, heroes from 6 camps and 5 professions with all distinct skills and buffs. 10 sets of secrets and 30+ sets of gears. And of course, idle rewards while you are offline.

Madtale RPG Trailer

Anyone who pre-registers now can win up to $199 worth of rewards (claims the developer), limited Epic dark fairytale hero “Mirror Queen”. And once the game launches, players can get 1024 FREE SUMMONS and the exclusive Epic hero Snow White for logging in 7 days.

Once again, pre-registrations are only available on the Google Play Store, sorry Apple users I really don’t know if these bonus rewards are available in any form on your platform. Just tap the link below.

D.B. – “Madtale, a new idle RPG coming July 12th”

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