Civilization: Reign of Power Preregistration open in Asia

Civilization: Reign of Power Preregistration seems to be open in Asia only. Release date is still far away it seems, and press available images are scarce. If you really really want to, you can use VPN to pre-register from somewhere else.

What we know

Unconfirmed source claims that Civilization: Reign of Power is adapting the free 2 play model. This is no surprise since Nexon shows as one of the developers/publishers, alongside NDREAM and Take-Two Interactive.

You can win the game through Domination, Culture, or Science, and there are 14 available leaders (for now). The popular advancement tree is available as well and there is something called “Great Work” that is exclusive to this version of the game. Great persons (that debuted in Civ5 iirc) are also in the mix, but details are slim.

Civilization: Reign of Power Preregistration
One screenshot of the game

The screenshots are for some reason censored by the developers. One other detail I know is that there will be a “season pass” that you can buy for more rewards. All this hints to a game very different from the PC version. We will see.

Civilization: Reign of Power preregistration is already up on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, if interested you can tap the link below to receive a notification when the game launches. There is a note on the Play Store saying “Android 8.0.0 Galaxy S9 or above is recommended for this game”. You can also check-out the dedicated website for the game here, and the community forum where hopefully more info will be released soon.

Civilization: Reign of Power
Price: To be announced

D.B. – “Civilization: Reign of Power Preregistration open in Asia”

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