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Car Driving Online Gameplay Video

Car Driving Online is a game with a simple name, but it has a lot of content. At first I thought it’s just another parking simulator, but no. There is parking indeed, but there are stunts, racing, free mode and much more. The game recently launched on Android only, so let’s take a look with a gameplay video.

Car Driving Online and other things

With a tiny bit of skepticism I installed the game and left it on my phone for couple of days before finally giving it a go. Right of the bat you are taken to the character customization menu. I was wondering why do I need to customize anything for a simple parking game? Well, because Car Driving Online is much more than a parking game.

To put it bluntly, there are 24 parking stages. But also 24 stunt stages and 24 time attack (racing stages). Then there are the free-roam cities and places, player housing, the dealership and finally the online mode.

When you enter the game for the first time, 25.000 credits are at your disposal. Don’t waste them all on a brand new car though. Save something for the tuning garage. Yup, you can do that too. Now you have a new car, some new rims and no credits left in your wallet. No problem, just start playing. Each completed stage grants you money, and if you get bored you can enter the free-roam mode and play as a taxi driver. If you don’t really want to do that either, you can watch an ad or two.

Now, while adventuring and trying new exciting things (tip video 00:50), your car will get dirty and maybe banged up a little. The only way to wash it and repair it is to watch an ad. However, I don’t think that the car condition has any impact on the gameplay. It seems to be purely cosmetic.

Car Driving Online Gameplay Video

As you can see, pretty entertaining right? Now it’s time to mention the “online” thing in the name. You see, this game has a multiplayer option. You can join or host a game with up to 10 players in any of the available cities or regions. What you do inside is up to you. There are role-playing servers, friend servers and pure anarchy servers. Join up and have some mindless fun.

Graphics are not bad at all, but fps can drop occasionally even on high-end devices. Nothing too serious, plus you can tweak the settings from the menu. Controls are good enough, but I recommend the steering wheel instead of the arrows.

Card Driving Online Gameplay Video

Should you try it?

Yes. Car Driving Online comes from the developer “Maleo”, and is probably a solo project and their first game on the Play Store. Even so, it has much more content than I expected. Except for the ads, there is no in-game store whatsoever.

There are few things that can be improved like shadows, (any) description on the Play Store and perhaps better optimization for mid-range phones and tablets. Oh and a better name for their next game. And some content on their website.

To try the game just tap the link bellow. Sorry Apple fans, this is Android exclusive title.

Dejan Balalovski – “Car Driving Online Gameplay Video”

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