CastleStorm coming to Android, beta registrations open

ZEN Studios announced that their famous hybrid tower defense game CastleStorm is nearly complete and has now entered the beta test stage. The game was initially released last summer for all current gen consoles and Steam. The Android version should be pretty much the same with only one exception, it will be free-to-play (IAP supported).


Except for the console quality colorful graphics and the addictive gameplay, the Android version will also have touch-optimized controls that should provide smoother user experience and faster gameplay. CastleStorm – Free to Siege includes four full campaigns with 150 battles and four nations with distinct troop classes, weapons, spells, bonus rooms, eight playable hero characters as well as brand new spells for the mobile version.

Beta testing sign ups are now open and you can submit your request right away as long as you own a device running Android OS version 4.x or later. The game is expected to be released on iOS, Google Play and Amazon later this spring. Community feedback can be submitted via the Zen Studios Forums. Space is limited so join today!

CastleStorm – Beta Registration



Who can join the beta?
Anyone with an Android device with Android OS version 4.x

What are the hardware requirements of CastleStorm on Android?
Android version 4.x is required, dual-core CPU and 1GB RAM is recommended

What languages are supported?
Currently English and Hungarian, other languages are going to be added soon.

Are there any limitations in the beta?
No, it’s a feature- and content-complete version. However, it’s possible that some features may not work properly, and some content may change. Be sure to report any issues you encounter!

What do you expect me to do to help development?
Just playing the game as you’d play a commercially available game is already a great help. Any additional feedback here on the forum.

Will the game be updated during the beta?
Yes, we will make regular updates during the beta.

When will the beta end?
We won’t end the beta until the game’s release (this spring!) unless we face unresolvable technical difficulties.

Are the purchases made in the beta real purchases?
Yes, you can make real purchases in the beta. You are using the same google store functionality as in any other app.

Can I continue my progress made in the beta in the final release?
Yes, that’s the plan. However, this is not a final product, so there can be technical issues, which could cause progress lost in extreme cases. We’ll do our best to communicate any major issues!

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