Black Desert Mobile, final season for PoG begins now

Black Desert Mobile, Season 10 of the PvE content ‘Path of Glory’ begins today. This final season introduces permanent Emblems and Fairy Brooches, which will help your progression and provide extra stats to all characters in players’ Family. The emblems will be rewarded to everyone who completes the season.

Fairy Outfits and Brooches

Players looking for new ways to strengthen the bond with their Fairy can now equip Fairy Outfits and Brooches. Fairy Brooches will become available for players who complete the quest ‘Fairy Meets Fashion’ and players will be able to enhance Brooches, which in turn will provide PvP damage reduction to a character.

Black Desert Mobile November Events

Players can also earn rewards through several events in November, including:

  • Nov. 1 – 8: PLAY BDM! Mission Relay!
    • Complete relay missions to obtain a variety of items including an [Epic] Weapon Outfit Chest, Appearance Coupon and more.
  • Nov. 9 – 14: PLAY BDM! Group up!
    • Group up with guild members and complete the guild quest to obtain daily PLAY BDM Coins, which can be exchanged for various in-game items. 
  • Nov. 15 – 22: PLAY BDM! Show off your Guild!
    • Play Bingo with the PLAY BDM Bingo Pass, which can be collected from enemies. Players can receive rewards every time they open a bingo tile and complete a line. A Play BDM Gear Up Chest will be rewarded to players each time they spend five or more passes.


I.K. – “Black Desert Mobile, final season for PoG begins now”

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