AxE: Alliance vs Empire receives a brand new update

If anyone thought MMORPG’s are dead, here is a hard fact to disprove that, at least when it comes to mobile gaming. AxE: Alliance vs Empire was downloaded over 8 million times since its launch (across Android and iOS). To celebrate that achievement, the developers are rolling out an update that introduces Wings.

Wings add powerful benefits and strategies that can turn the tide of battle while introducing a new visual way to personalize characters. They come in different varieties that can bolster a character’s strengths further by granting powerful new offensive and defensive abilities. In addition to Wings, the new update opens up a new Ancient Ruins map area for players to explore within the game’s sprawling world.

Set in a sprawling fantasy universe AxE lets players choose between two warring factions, the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance, clashing in a huge conflict to control the fate of the world. Already, over 8 million players across the globe have delved into AxE’s expansive storyline, explored the massive evolving open world, raided dungeons, and battled in PvP. AxE offers six unique character classes for players to level up and customize as they traverse vibrant open-world locations full of unique characters, enemies, quests, and rare mythical loot.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire
AxE: Alliance vs Empire
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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