Emoji Mine

Emoji Mine is a brand new eye-catching puzzle game that was just released on Android and iOS by IsTom Games. A simple addictive platform-puzzler with colorful cartoonish graphics that relies on physics and loose “lemmings” mechanics will get you hooked in no time.

The main goal of Emoji Mine is to bring your Emojis to the bottom of the level, without killing them. You do this by removing the green blocks with your finger, but you will have to predict their physics based movement and avoid any potential traps that will kill them.

The more smileys you save, the higher you will score and earn stars. You can also customize your Emojis with unlockable skins, that can also be bought from the in-app store. The game is lightweight and will even work on older phones (Android 4.1 and up), taking up only about 50 megabytes of storage.

Emoji Mine will work offline and right now offers over 80 levels to conquer. You can get the game for free by following the link below.

Emoji Mine: Wrecking Sand Balls
Emoji Mine: Wrecking Sand Balls

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