Zombie Bloxx Receives a Milestone Update

Zombie Bloxx by Big Blue Bubble just received a major content update and brand new version, 2.0. The update features redesigned level progression, new characters, maps and game modes. The update is live on Android, iOS and Steam, so if you enjoy blocky pixalated graphics and hold a grudge against zombies, check it out.


Zombie Bloxx Update 2.0


Zombie Bloxx is a survival type of game where everything is made out of tiny blocks. Zombies are on the rise and you only have two options – run and fight. Lucky for you, there are plenty of weapons and utilities that can help you survive. From simple knives and clubs, all the way to tanks and trains. Collectible characters are also a thing and each of them has a special weapon that can be used to smash even more zombie brains.



The update implements a variety of in-level missions that challenge players to accomplish different feats in order to earn Stars. Once a player has earned enough Stars, they can advance to a new map full of even more fun levels and unlockable characters. Each map contains two bonus levels, where players have the chance to earn valuable Gems.

The new update also brings in the time-limited event, Undead-pendence Day. This is a tower defense game mode where players must defend the White House from waves of zombies using a vast arsenal of weapons.

The game is also on sale on Steam (40% off) during the summer sale, but the Android and iOS versions are free to play. Follow the link below and watch the trailer.



Update 2.0


– Level Progression: Win Stars to unlock new maps!
– 2 Bonus Levels per map
– New Missions
– Undead-pendence Day: Protect American monuments from zombie hordes in this tower defense mode!

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Zombie Bloxx
Zombie Bloxx
Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Price: Free+
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