World War VII (WW7)

The game formerly known as Chaos Centurions, is now released on Android as World War VII (World War 7). Oriflamme, Inc. (Shinjuku, Tokyo. CEO: Ryuji Ikeda) announced that the game is no longer iOS exclusive and Android users can join the party too.



About World War VII


Although the developers claim that WW7 is a mobile Real Time Simulation (RTS), the game is actually a mixture of 4X elements accompanied by real time battles on a 2D plane. The story sets you in a future where previous war lead to a society collapse. Now, when the world is in chaos,  high-tech society is combined with medieval technology. Players assume command of the Armejian Coalition and fight against the Mildova Alliance over territories, but also with rival players from around the world.


World War 7


In General


In the beginning, World War VII is pretty forgiving and easy on the battles. Each player starts with one commander and forms a legion. Using that squad, you will have to capture nearby regions like farms, forests, strongholds etc. Each captured region adds up to your existing resources needed for expansion. Battles on the other hand give you medals, experience and gold. Medals are used to level up your champion and individual skills, while gold is always needed for movement, new unit recruitment and engaging in battles.


The battles are pretty straight-forward. Units can only move forward or backwards. Once they reach the enemy army, they will start fighting. Since this is not a full auto-battle game, you will have to intervene by using different skills each unit provides. Using skills requires energy that you get from killing enemy soldiers, so no – you can’t just spam everything and hope for the best. Planing ahead and using the skills in the right moment is essential part of the game. Use the skill too early and you can miss, use it too late and you can be dead.


Once you reach certain level of expansion, more legions and commanders can be acquired. This is where the premium in-game currency comes in play – The Ghost Gems. Luckily, you will receive 3000 of them as a welcome gift, so spend them wisely. Ghost Gems can be acquired by playing the “missions” from your HQ, but there is a cool-down period of 6 hours per squad.


In Short


If all of the above sounds too confusing, don’t worry it’s actually simpler than it sounds. World War VII will brief you on everything you need to know and you do have a pretty big buffer zone before you actually join the online battles.


World War VII is indeed promising, I mean the number of 450.000 downloads on the iTunes store must stand for something. The developers are planing to release a new campaign that will be available on both platforms in near future. Although not your classical RTS, WW7 offers sufficient tactical and strategic options to keep you going. The game has no ads inside and the only in-app purchases are the previously mentioned Ghost Gems.


To download World War VII for free, follow the link below and watch the trailer.

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World War VII
World War VII
Developer: ORIFLAMME Inc.
Price: Free
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