War Thunder Android enters open beta

Gaijin Entertainment announces that their popular warfare game “War Thunder” begins the open beta testing on Android. You can download War Thunder Mobile right now, but you will have to side-load the APK file yourself as the game is not on the Play Store just yet, but it will be in the next few months when Apple Store release is also planned.

About the game

Initially named War Thunder Edge, the game underwent multiple stages of alpha testing and ultimately received its final name, War Thunder Mobile. The game retains the key element from its PC and console counterparts: immersive cooperative battles featuring renowned ground, naval, and air vehicles from different eras, such as the Il-2 ground-attack aircraft from World War II or the Leopard tanks from the Cold War era. These battles incorporate realistic flight and damage models, ensuring an authentic experience. To effectively eliminate enemy forces, players must study the internal structure of their chosen vehicles, including the location of vital components, crew members, and armor layout. Despite this depth, the game has convenient and intuitive controls, easy to learn for players of all ages.

Check out the official War Thunder Mobile trailer here.

The new game revolves around huge selection of tanks, ships, and aircraft from various eras. Even during the initial stages of the open beta, players can access a over 200 units, including the highly anticipated battleship Yamato, which has yet to make its debut in the original War Thunder. Moreover, naval battles introduce submarines, and War Thunder Mobile may potentially introduce additional unique content and mechanics in the future. The game features a tailored progression system that enables players to effortlessly explore equipment from different countries. From the legendary German Tiger II tanks to state-of-the-art American fighting vehicles like the M3 Bradley.


The developers are pointing out that: “There are no plans to reset the player progress made in the open beta, so all unlocked vehicles will remain with players in the release version as well.”, so no reason to wait at all. If you want to try the game right now, however, you will have to download the APK (link below) manually and allow installation from “unknown sources” in order to run it.

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