Toyforming for Android and iOS launches next week

Toyforming Studios today announced that their family-friendly “world creator” will launch February 24th, on both Android and iOS. In a nutshell, Toyforming is a game that incorporates AI to transform your drawing into a living beings, create a biome for them and simulate a world that you can interact with. And yes, it has a learning element, but is definitely not created for kids only.

About the game

In Toyforming, you can give life to your art by drawing pictures and converting them into three-dimensional life forms using the power of artificial intelligence. You can draw anything from animals and plants to vehicles and objects, and then watch your work come to life and inhabit a planet of your own making. As an added bonus, you can turn on the AR camera settings and see what your dream planet would look like in the real world.

With Toyforming, you have the ability to make and control the environment of your world, and you can change from daytime to nighttime to see your inhabitants in a new light. You can save your creations in the catalog for future reference, and challenge yourself, your friends, and your family to see what can be made with the AI. The game is suitable for all ages and has proven to be an effective tool for parents to help teach children new words.

Toyforming Announcement Trailer

Toyforming is a fun game for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy! Whether you’re a drawing master or less confident, it’s always exciting and often hilarious to see your creation come to life,”

Toyforming’s gameplay also helps with learning new words and the game can be used as a creative educational tool for kids – who said learning can’t be fun!”

Kazutomo Sasaki, CEO of Toyforming


You can pre-register and get notified when the game is out for Android, and if you are on iOS, you can pre-order the game from the link below.

D.B. – “Toyforming for Android and iOS launches next week”

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