Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War out on Android and iOS

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a free-to-play, anime ARPG mobile game, (officially licensed) – based on the smash hit anime series inspired by Sui Ishida’s dark fantasy manga. The game was developed by GameSamba, a free-to-play game developer that stands behind games like Star Trek: Alien Domain and Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey.


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War


The game takes place in the sinister version of Tokyo portrayed in the anime series, and allows the player to form a team composed of ghouls, or the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) investigators sworn to eliminate them, as they battle their way through many story and boss stages. There are over 50 different characters, including Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima and many other iconic legends from the series. It doesn’t matter which side the selected character appears (CCG Investigator or Ghoul), if you like, you can combine them both in the same team and build the strongest team combination from what you have at your disposal.



The game focuses on solo gameplay for now. Multiplayer and competitive modes will also be available, with more details revealed later. What was announced are the co-op dungeon bosses, the PVP Arena or MOBA modes. To download the game, follow the link below and watch the trailer. To learn more about the game, you can visit the official site or the official Facebook page.


Source: Press Release

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Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War
Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War
Developer: GameSamba
Price: Free+
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