One Punch Man: World launches on February 1st

Following a brief press-release, publisher A-Plus Japan announced their upcoming online action game, One Punch Man: World. Pre-registrations are open and the game will be cross-platform playable on Windows PC’s, Android and iOS. There will be rewards if you register early, including SR Character: Saitama among the rest.

One Punch Man: World is an engaging online action game that faithfully captures the essence of the widely acclaimed anime series, One-Punch Man. Delivering a rich gaming experience, the title seamlessly combines the dynamic universe of the show with immersive gameplay available on both PC and mobile platforms. Anticipated for release on the App Store, Google Play, and PC, the game ensures accessibility to a broad audience with language support in English, French, German, and Spanish.

One Punch Man: World

Game Features

  • Iconic Characters: Play as beloved characters such as Genos, Mumen Rider, Silverfang and many more… including Saitama himself?
  • New Lore: Take on legendary anime battles and see new perspectives, perhaps some villainous ones too—like breaking out as Carnage Kabuto!
  • The Fight: Go deep with easy-to-learn, hard-to master combat! Parry attacks, explore combos, unleash ultimate skills, and finish bosses in style!
  • The World: Experience a character’s everyday life, indulge in games at the Arcade or join forces with Saitama for a discount frenzy at the supermarket!
  • Multiplayer Justice: Team up with fellow characters to complete the tasks assigned by the Hero Association, defend the city, and become stronger!

Pre-registration Links

Editor note:

Unfortunately, the marketing and distribution team over at “A-Plus Japan” decided to enable pre-registrations on their official website only. However, they region locked it for US, EU and some other parts of the world (probably Japan and SEA). While I personally think region-locking a website is counter productive (or even stupid) and will probably hurt their campaign in a long run, you can still try your luck by following the link below. If you encounter the following message, just use a VPN (if you really, really want to pre-register by using your email).

Edit (12.15.2023)

It appears the the publisher “A-Plus Japan” fixed their mistake, and the website is now accessible worldwide. Furthermore, you can now pre-register on the official stores (links added).

One Punch Man: World launches on February 1st

by Dejan B.

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