The Running Dead – big, HUGE pixels

Newly founded indie game developer “Kronbits” launched, what appears to be the most pixelated zombie related Android game ever. How big should the pixels be to fully satisfy your pixel-art needs? Is this pixelated enough for you?


The Running Dead is a Zombie survival game, where your only goal is to survive as long as possible while your character mindlessly keeps running ahead. Luckily, he also carries a gun and can perform a double-jump in order to avoid and kill all the zombies blocking his way. Zombies come in many different forms including birds, wolfs and even carnivorous plants, but regardless of their appearance, they will all kill you instantly if you don’t shoot them first.

You will have to complete 30 levels (or days) before you can say “I survived the zombie apocalypse!”. The gameplay is fast and levels are hard, but controlling your character is quite simple as you only get 2 buttons to tap, run and jump. The Running Dead can be downloaded for free. Some ads are visible while navigating the menu, but they don’t appear at all while playing.

[tab:Download The Running Dead]
The Running Dead
The Running Dead
Developer: Kronbits
Price: Free
[tab:Game Features]

*Pixels like punchs
*30 Perfectly designed levels to blow your mind
*Wolf and carnivorous zombie plants
*Insane difficulty
*Easy controls
*Possible bugs you can find…


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