The Oregon Trail: Boom Town for Android & iOS

Introducing a fresh take on a 50-year-old classic, The Oregon Trail: Boom Town makes its way to Android and iOS devices. Immerse yourself in this new game by Tilting Point, where nostalgia meets captivating city-building and resource management. Experience the thrill of constructing your own town, complete with bustling hops, saloons, rail stations, and museums, as you watch your dreams come to life.

About the game

Take charge of Independence, Missouri, a rugged frontier town, and transform it into a prosperous boom town through building, expansion, crafting, and harvesting. Prepare visiting pioneers for their westward expedition by equipping them with essential supplies. Witness their courageous progress as they venture into the unforgiving unknown, exploring new horizons at every turn.

The Oregon Trail has entertained generations of fans, and we’re incredibly thrilled to partner with Enixan and HarperCollins Productions to bring a new twist to this classic game.

Kevin Segalla, CEO and Founder of Tilting Point


  • Farm, Build and Craft – Players will turn Independence, Missouri, into their own thriving boom town by constructing buildings, growing food, crafting items and harvesting resources
  • Send Wagons West – Provide pioneers with the supplies they’ll need to survive their journey on the trail
  • Design the Town of Players’ Dreams – Fill the town with shops, saloons, rail stations, museums and more
  • Join Events with other Players – Connect with other players and compete or collaborate on special challenges, and participate in weekly and seasonal events


The Oregon Trail: Boom Town was released just a few days ago on Google Play and Apple store respectively. You can download it for free, but there are optional in-app purchases.

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