The King of Fighters ALLSTAR gets new update

Netmarble’s latest and greatest game, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR has a brand new update. New fighters (Nakoruru and Haohmaru), battle cards, daily dungeon and mini games are here. Too bad that they aren’t working on improving the frequent lag and disconnections, maybe soon. The game is free to download on Android and iOS, supports gamepads (on Android at least) and there is a new PC beta client available for download.

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About the game

I had the game scheduled for review, but I lost the recorded footage, so here is a brief summary instead. The KOF Allstar is incredibly fun, when it works. Network lag is a major issue and when paired with PC players on gamepad, you pretty much can’t do anything. Network issues aside, the game has a lot of balance problems, like characters that can keep you knocked down for the entirety of the fight. This is mainly because you can upgrade the characters, and most of the time the match making system isn’t doing you any favors.

Other than that, the gameplay is good, however the movement had to be simplified to a degree (no jumping or crouching) to accommodate touch-screen users. Like it or not, that’s how it is and honestly, except for the balance issues and phone vs PC on LAN network, I don’t see other problems.

What’s new

Netmarble is bragging about new fighters, battle cards and events. Here is a part of their press release.

The latest game update adds XV Nakoruru (Balance Type) as a playable fighter, who possesses a Leader Skill that increases ATK power of Blue element fighters at a certain level. When an Active Skill is used, the Finisher Skill cooldown is reduced and grants Symbol to enemies with physical DMG. Players can also add XV Haohmaru (Balance Type) to their playable roster. He has a Leader Skill that increases extreme fighters’ Active Skill DMG and Finisher Skill to a certain level. XV Haohmaru is immune to Stun and Freeze that will allow him to preserve any DMG received and recovers when an Active Skill lands.

New battle cards are now available. Once a special card is equipped to an exclusive fighter, XV Nakoruru can reset her  cooldown time for Finisher Skills while XV Haohmaru can increase DMG upon usage.
To commemorate this game update, players can participate in new in-game events and obtain special rewards.

From the press release
  • Login Bonus Event: When players login, they will have the opportunity to acquire the Rare Enhancement Hammer, Team Samurai Badge Fragment and Haohmaru Commemorative Gift Fragment.
  • Rush Dungeon: Players can receive the Nakoruru Dice and Fighter Power Up Items by clearing a round set in each stage.
  • Challenge Dungeon: If players acquire one of the new fighters they can enter the dungeon and various rewards will be available upon clearing each stage.
  • Mini Game: Players can roll the dice and acquire various rewards including Rubies and the Enhancement Hammer.

Short Gameplay Video

Android Gameplay


The KOF Allstar is free to download and play on Android and iOS, supported by in-app purchases. There is a new PC client (still in beta) that you can try as well. If you don’t have access to the Play Store, tap the “Download APK” to get the file directly on your phone.

Dejan B. – “The King of Fighters ALLSTAR gets new update”

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