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Super Digital Watch Soccer

Play an exciting game of football with a digital watch! Just like that, with Super Digital Watch Soccer, you can play intense games using the timer.
The game consists on playing a football/soccer match with a digital watch and the objective is (like in any soccer match) scoring goals. To accomplish this, you will need to stop the timer between 00 and 05 milliseconds (with other added rules like fouls, penalty kicks, corners, yellow and red cards, etc). The 90 seconds match plays in turns, with a max duration of 5 seconds for each turn.

The game comes with:

-Amazing 2D graphics that will make your matches more enjoyable.
-With pixel art elements that remind the arcade games of the first generations.
-Play Versus Mode with friends on the same device, so easy!
-Perfect for playing a football match anywhere, anytime, so comfortable!
-You can play in different game modes, from easy for start playing, to the expert mode mode, which is a total madness…
-In the game, you can play with 4 different characters with their own personality and charisma.
-Each character has their own special attack, choose well your strategy.
-With an arcade mode, which have a different ending for each character.