Summoners War: Chronicles celebrates Lunar New Year

Com2Us is announcing a big update for their cross-platform and cross-progression RPG game, Summoners War: Chronicles. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS and Steam. It implements a gacha system, meaning you can grind away almost everything for free, but spending money in the in-app store is also an option.

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What’s new?

Enhance your squad’s summons by using the support abilities of Harp Magician. This character can simultaneously heal allies and remove negative effects, and when taking fatal damage it can activate a powerful ultimate skill that can change the outcome of difficult dungeons and raids. Learn how to use its powers effectively by playing through a new Monster Story with additional rewards at each level.

Additionally, Com2uS is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in-game by offering special missions that award lucky pouches which can be exchanged for monster fragments and other valuable items. There are new levels in the Spires of Ascension and Attribute Towers too.

Update Features

  • New Monster: Harp Magician – A Dark-type monster with powerful support abilities, Harp Magician’s healing and buffs can rally the party to victory in even the toughest content. Play beautiful melodies to hell friendly targets and dispel debuffs, bestow a stalwart defense upon your allies while reducing your foes’ attack power, and unleash Harp Magician’s ultimate skill, “Ultimate Song of Switched Destiny,” to flip the script when a summon suffers fatal damage.
  • Reach Greater Heights of Power – The Spires of Ascension and Attribute Tower dungeons have each expanded by an additional 20 floors. Climb ever higher, facing progressively harder combat scenarios, for some of Chronicles’ most cherished rewards.
  • Celebrate the Lunar New Year – The dutiful rabbit guards a treasure trove, but it’s willing to step aside in exchange for lucky pouches. Complete Lunar New Year missions just by playing Chronicles’ dungeons and quests to earn these lucky pouches and step inside the rabbit’s vault.
  • Team Up with Guildmates – In the new Guild Request event, running until Jan. 26, complete guild quests to earn goodies like gold and Sky Stone.
  • Season 3 Challenges – From now until Feb. 16, a thrilling number of collection challenges await. Gather equipment, Monster Piece, runes, and cooked meals to score a 5★ Rainbowmon, MysticalScrolls, Sky Stones, and more.
  • New Comic Series – Com2uS partners with Skybound to launch Summoners War: Awakening, a new comic book series reuniting Summoners War: Legacy writer Justin Jordan and artist Luca Claretti, arriving to comic book shops and digital platforms on April 19, 2023. Follow newly trained summoner Rai and her allies as they seek to escape enemy territory, beset by threats from soldiers, sky pirates, and a bounty hunter.


Please note that Android version is not released globally, but you can still download the game from the “Download APK” button and install it manually on your phone, or use the Steam version.

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