Subdog Underwater Adventure – more pixels!

Here is another pixelelated game with insane difficulty. This one is about a dog who decided to go for an adventure, explore the ocean floor and fight the marine monsters while searching for his bone. Subdog comes from the newly founded indie studio, Dark Pixel.


One sunny day, our hero was admiring his bone at the docks, when all of a sudden, a tentacle rises from the water and steals his treasure. Disappointed and hungry, he spots a set of diving equipment that somebody left behind. Determined to get his lunch back, Subdog jumps in the ocean and stars looking for the evil octopus.

Subdog – Underwater Adventure has 20 ultra hard levels where you have to collect bones and absolutely avoid anything that stands in your way. As you progress through the game, the difficulty level keeps increasing and culminates when you reach the final boss. The controls are responsive and easy to get a hold of. In fact, if you ever played some Super Mario underwater level (old 2D games), you pretty much know what to do as Subdog uses the very same mechanics. There are 6 different enemy types, locket gates that need to be unlocked by finding the golden bone and big, scary bosses that won’t be too happy to see you invading their home.

Subdog Underwater Adventure is free to download and play. Ad banners can be seen while navigating the menus, but they won’t appear while playing at all. Also, no IAP’s or game timers will limit your gameplay. You can start playing the game immediately as long as you have Android device running version 2.2 or later and 5 mb of free storage space.

[tab:Download Subdog Underwater Adventure] [tab:Game Features]

– The game have 20 hard levels perfectly designed
– beautiful 8 bits pixel art
– Fight with big and hard bosses
– 6 types of enemy with different mechanical attacks
– Increasing difficulty at each level
– Insane difficulty
– Easy control


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