Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! debuts on Android

The developers from Inkle Studios, in collaboration with Steve Jackson, announced the release of Sorcery! Part 1 – The Shamutanti Hills on the Android platform. This game is the first of four digital re-imaginings of the famous adventure gamebook series.


Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books were originally published in the 1980s as four individual titles. This adaption covers the first book only, but the developers from Inkle Studios confirmed that they are already working on Part 2, “Kharé: Cityport of Traps”. Nevertheless, each game is a self-contained experience that can be fully enjoyed on its own.

In Sorcery! Part 1, you are a novice hero adventuring across the dangerous Shamutanti Hills, ready to start your epic journey and find the stolen “Crown of Kings”. Each step you take and every decision you make will alter the gameplay to some degree. The flexible storyline, built from thousands of choices, will unfold differently every time you play the game.

Sorcery! is a carefully balanced blend,” says inkle’s Jon Ingold. “It mixes together the strategy, decision-making and luck of a game with the rich prose and immersion of a well-written novel. Every element of the design is there to ensure the two sides of the experience work together seamlessly, putting the reader right inside the world of the story.”

And not only that, players can also chose to play as either a male or a female hero, wage battles against monsters and human enemies in turn-based combat, learn spells and enjoy watching the hand-drawn world map representing their journey.

Sorcery! Part 1 was originally released on iOS in 2013 and accumulated over 100k downloads ever since, with user score steadily holding at respectable 4.5 stars. Now, almost a year later, we can finally play it on Android too. You can download the game for $5.0 by following the Play Store link below and start your epic adventure right away. Sorcery! Part 2 for Android will follow this spring, while the rest of the chapters will be released simultaneously on both platforms.

Developer: inkle Ltd
Price: $5.99


[tab:Game Features]

– Plot your own journey across a hand-drawn 3D world map
– Fully interactive story, with 1000s of choices
– The story is rewritten on the fly based on how you play
– Play as a male or female adventurer
– Unique touch-based sword-duelling, with procedurally-generated descriptions of the action
– Outwit monsters by learning their weaknesses and tells
– 48 magic spells to master, with weird and wonderful effects that change the story


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