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While routinely browsing my daily mail subscriptions, I stumbled across a new Android game that reminded me of something that I used to play on my C64 years ago. It’s a game about insane downhill skiing and one disposable, pixalated character who doesn’t mind being killed over and over again. Rings a bell?


Let’s be honest, we all need a little distraction now and then, especially when doing boring stuff like riding the bus to work, or that -ahem- other thing we all have to do at least once a day. Thanks to our Android smartphones that we carry around in our pockets, this problem can easily be solved by playing a game. Of course, not all games can be played in short bursts. You need something fast, fun and challenging, something that won’t make you miss your bus stop or fall asleep on the toilet. You need Ski Arcade.

1, 2, 3, SKI! – or die trying.

Ski Arcade is ultra fast downhill skiing game and suicide simulator that kind of grows under your skin. The gameplay is as simple as it gets: start your descend and try to survive as long as possible. Hitting trees, rocks or other people is bad for you, but hitting some of the bears that decided to take a walk across your track is the big no no. They won’t think twice before they start devouring your bones, including your skis.

The longer you stay alive, the more points you get. Hitting the 3 point thresholds set at 50 (bronze), 100 (silver) and 200 (gold), will earn you some coins that can be spent on cool stuff like different player skins, hats or even pets that will follow your lead into oblivion. Hitting a ski ramp will not only allow you to jump over obstacles, but will provide extra points as well. Same goes for slalom gates that can be chained together for even larger point boost.

Ski Arcade can only be controlled by tilting your device. Precision is not a huge problem here and accelerometer readings are ultra sensitive, but not everyone likes this control scheme, and that’s a fact. I got a few awkward stares on my way to work from strangers passing by, probably wondering why the hell am I waving my tablet left and right. If the developer decides to continue supporting this game, implementing additional optional touch controls would be a welcomed feature.

Ski Arcade can be downloaded for free. Couple of ads can be seen popping out now and then, but get this: they can be removed by spending 150 coins in the ski shop. Since coins can’t be purchased for real money and there are no other in-app purchases, Ski Arcade becomes entirely free as soon as you prove yourself worthy (by grinding 150 coins). The game also provides access to online leaderboards that, unfortunately, are not part of the google’s game services package (yet).

By Martin Janov

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Game Features:
– Charming retro arcade-style graphics
– Simple tilt controls
– Gameplay that’s easy to learn, hard to master
– Online leaderboards
– Earn coins to spend on new characters, hats and pets in the shop
– Remove ads permanently if you earn enough coins


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  • Hey Martin, thanks a lot for the positive review. There’s also a platinum trophy at 400 points – I suppose you never got that far, ey? I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to enjoy it on the toilet and elsewhere. Cheers!


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